Lok Gathbandhan Party for #MeToo campaign among women politicians also

Urban Mirror Correspondent

New Delhi, October 10: Even as #MeToo India revelations continues to shake the entertainment and media industries and the prevailing situation caused by “predators” has become matter for concern for the civil society, the Lok Gathbandhan Party (LGP) today said that women in politics should also take up cudgel against male folk on the issue as this field is most corrupted in this respect also. The LGP said cleansing process in politics from all types of corruption, including sexual abuse, is imperative for honest, transparent and good governance.

The spokesman of the party said here on Wednesday with corruption assuming serious dimension in politics, women politicians have become easy target of exploitation in male-dominated Indian politics and for this reason women are still reluctant to enter into it-major reason for poor representation of women in politics. Asserting that sexual abuse is as worst as any other form of corruption, the spokesman said there is a large chain of Dalals (agents) at every level in politics involved in this nefarious activities to appease their political masters.

The spokesman said since #MeToo India is not just momentarily but turning into a movement the wave has already arrived at the doorsteps of the NDA government. However many more skeletons are yet to tumble out of cupboard, the spokesman commented supporting the upsurge strongly. The spokesman said the politicians talk about “dignity and respect” of women but the ground realities are absolutely different. Women being the worst victims of harassment in politics over the decades, the spokesman said the time has come for them to speak out for the restoration of moral values in the system.

Pointing out that the malice is not just confined to entertainment and media industries, the spokesman said it has octopus like grip everywhere, therefore it is galvanizing moment to purify the society from the rot. The spokesman said with #MeToo storm hitting the NDA government it would hopefully explode further in days to come. The LGP believes it is essential for corruption-free governance.

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