Lok Gathbandhan Party criticises NDA govt for sharp decline in Rupee


Urban Mirror Correspondent


New Delhi August 16: The Lok Gathbandhan Party (LGP) today criticised the NDA government for steep decline in value of rupee during the last one week. The LGP said the NDA government’s claim that the fall is temporary phenomenon is misleading as the economy is not performing properly for the last four years.

The spokesman of the party said here on Thursday that the intervention of the RBI has also failed to help solve the problem which has now assumed serious dimension. The spokesman said the present situation is the result of cumulative impact of economic and financial mismanagement of last four years.   

The spokesman said earlier this year the Economic Survey 2018 had presented a rosy picture of the economic condition of the country, but the situation which is now unfolding has proved that it is far from stable and upward looking as on employment and agriculture and industrial fronts acute crisis has been going on. The spokesman said the NDA government’s move to blame “global factors” for decline in rupee is not justified, as it is result of its own mismanagement. The spokesman said by putting onus on the world economy the NDA government has tried to find an easy escape route for it its failure. The spokesman said the outlook therefore appeared to be uncertain.

Pointing out that employment, infrastructure and farm sectors are facing acute crisis, the spokesman said the government has not explained any action plan to improve the situation. With country’s 73% wealth concentrated into the hands of just 1% rich people, the spokesman said the government’s claim of all-round balanced growth is far-fetched. Similarly with the primary and middle education in rural areas lagging behind, the spokesman said that employment generation is unlikely to take off. The spokesman said government’s assertion that adverse impact of demonetization and lackadaisical approach in the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) has worn off is not based on ground realities, as the people are still facing problems.

The spokesman said the BJP had made tall promises about job creations during 2014 Lok Sabha elections, but even after lapse of four years, there is hardly any improvement, as the crisis has grown menacingly. The spokesman said with prevailing poor and under-developed condition the NDA government’s claim for becoming a global player could not be more than a misleading political slogan. The spokesman said with country facing challenges on several fronts, there have so far been only haphazard attempts to solve them. The LGP has thus demanded that a more coherent approach with honest and transparent emphasis on agriculture, education employment-both skilled and non-skilled- is urgently required to push growth.



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