Suspension of labour laws unjustified: Log Party

DN&V Correspondent

Lucknow, May 09: The Log Party today questioned the wisdom of several state governments, including Uttar Pradesh, in suspending the several labour laws to protect the interest of industry and other businesses, which have been affected by the long spell of lockdown following coronavirus pandemic. The Log Party said taking advantage of emergency situation, these governments have rushed to shelve the laws for a period of at least three years, which is not justified.

The spokesman of Log Party, headed by former Secretary Government of India Vijay Shankar Pandey said here on Saturday that the decision by UP and MP governments, both under the BJP, is hasty which would damage the labourers in the long run. The spokesman said at a time when workforce in the country has been badly affected by the massive layoffs because of the closure of industries, the decision by the BJP governments is anti-labour. Few other states like Uttarkhand and Gujarat are also following the same route of shelving the labour laws unjustifiably calling them archaic. The spokesman said that the Log Party believes in providing favourable opportunities and atmosphere to entrepreneurs but rolling out unfettered ground at the cost of poor working class would only harm labourers interest. “This is only panic reaction of UP and MP governments to invite investments”, the spokesman said and added the decision appeared to have been taken without proper consultations.

The spokesman said Uttar Pradesh Temporary Exemption from Certain Labour Laws Ordinance 2020 has exempted businesses and manufacturing for three years from gamut of labour laws which would only result in hiring and firing of labourers at the whims of employers. The spokesman said it was not the time to amend the labour laws as the workforce has been worst affected due to pandemic. The spokesman said the state governments have approached the problem wrongly as giving flexibility to employers will be meaningless unless other supportive measurers are taken. The spokesman said the suspension of laws would only expose labourers to livelihood vulnerabilities.

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